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Welcome to our online retail store. We have food that helps you by sustaining your body with quality nutritional fuel. We will bring out the best in health. Please try our stuff. We are a new company with new stuff that no one else is doing in our experience.

Reacharge available now.

Get to feeling your best. Allow your body to get all the nutrients needed and regenerating your body allowing you absorb your food better. This in return will give you more energy and health **Reboot or Recharge Programs **3 day, & 7 day programs. Brief introduction on the course: This program allows your body to go thru a cleanse that is easy on the body. This program gives you cold press juices done in small batches. Each cold press juice is equivalent to 1.25lbs of produce. Also provides Super Plant base Protein Hemp Bites are raw, super plant base hemp bites giving you high in protein, sustainable healthy fats & fiber to give you a sense of fullness along with your juices.


**3 day reboot/recharge cleanse

**Each item will have a number you will take thru the day.

1. Zinger Restore or booster immune system.

2. Glow carrot, green apple & lemon. Benefits: restore the colon walls, strengthen bones, skin, hair & nails.

3. Heart Beet Beet, green apple, carrot & lemon Benefits: restores liver & heart. Also purifies the blood.

4. Recovery Celery, spinach, kale, apple, cucumber & lemon Benefits: restores Magnesium and other vital minerals, reduces sugar cravings, promotes better sleep.

5. Almond cacao or vanilla shake. Maintain healthy muscles and healthy tendons.

6. Super plant base Protein Hemp Bites Healthy fats aid in maintaining healthy hormone levels and protein to maintain healthy muscles.

***Afterwards maintain healthy diet with greater or close to 30% raw vegetables in your total daily diet.

We are all about family values. Here at Rawsome Nutrition our goal is to provide organic and healthy products to support your healthy lifestyle and longevity. We focus on supporting local farmers and producers.


Brookside Holistic Solutions
We want to welcome Brookside Holistic Solutions to our family of retailers.

Genesis Health Clubs

A selection of our products are available at some Genesis Health Club locations.


Body Lab 

Some of our products are also carried at The Body Lab of Leawood Kansas.


Bulk It of Lenexa

Bulk It carries a selection of our products. Check them out.


Note about delivery: Deliveries will be scheduled on the order when processed and will be sent with a confirmation date and time set for delivery. We only deliver Monday through Friday but you can order anytime.

KCOnly tagged items are only available in Johnson County, Kansas at this time. We are planning to expand our area of delivery as business grows.

Rawsome Superfoods kitchens handle nuts and legumes such as cashews and peanuts. Although we are extremely careful with how we handle produce and the machines that are used for juicing and preparing our foods, cross contamination with allergens can happen.  If you are deathly allergic to anything we use in our products, avoid Rawsome Superfoods. Even if we do not use nuts or legumes in a product you are interested in, we do use these ingredients in other products we produce.

We do not diagnose or treat illnesses. Individuals with serious illness should compile data from several sources prior to fasting. Individuals using prescription medication should not do a cleanse since the effects of their medication will be amplified by their cleaner system. Extremely toxic people should not attempt cleanses longer than three days without medical supervision. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not attempt a cleanse.



Featured products

Vegan Tex Mex Taco Quinoa Salad

Made from quinoa, fresh cut romaine lettuce, red peppers, black beans, fresh cilantro, tomatoes, lemon juice, lime juice and spicy walnut meat with side of vegan cashew cheese


Recovery Organic Cold Press Juice


Glow Organic Cold Press Juice

Zinger Shot

Energy and immunity booster with apple and lemon.

Heart Beet

Carrot-Energy Good for your heart and liver. Also boost immunity and alkaline.

Raw Vegan Oatmeal Cups with Salted Caramel Super Seed granola

Raw superfood oatmeal softened with cashew milk topped with tasty caramel super seed granola

Tex Mex Vegan Taco Meat

A vegan (yes! VEGAN) taco meat based on nut meat that has NO animal products in it. And yet it tastes like meat!!! This is an uncooked product that contains NO soy or GMO's. Gluten Free.

Vegan tacos Rawsome meal

Vegan tacos Rawsome meal.

Salted Caramel Super Seed Granola

No GMO's * No Unrefined Sugars * Vegan * Gluten Free * Dairy Free * No Grains The sweetness is from agave and coconut sugar which have lower impact on carbohydrates for blood sugar.

Vegan Tex Mex Cheese

A cheese like product made from cashews instead of dairy.

Cold Press Cashew Vanilla Maca Shake

A cold press vegan vanilla protein Shake. 10g Maca protein. Tasty, vegan, healthy meal, snack & great in coffee!

Vegan German Chocolate Hemp Bites

A Healthy snack or desssert on the go which is super foods, vegan, gluten free and raw.

Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Hemp Bites

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Hemp Bites are made from whole nuts and super food plant proteins. Gluten free, vegan and raw.


Reacharge your body to a healthier you!