Reacharge your body to a healthier you!

3 Day Reboot / recharge Cleanse**

  1. Zinger Restore or boost immune system
  2. Glow carrot, green apple & lemon. Benefits: restore the colon walls, strengthen bones, skin, hair & nails
  3. Heart beet, green apple, carrot & lemon. Benefits: restores liver & heart. Also purifies blood.
  4. Recovery celery, spinach, kale, apple, cucumber & lemon. Benefits: restores Magnesium and other vital minerals, reduces sugar cravings, promotes better sleep.
  5. Almond cacao or vanilla shake. Maintainhealthy muscles and healthy tendons.
  6. Super plant base Protein Hemp Bites Healthy fats aid in maintaining healthy hormone levels and protein to maintain healthy muscles.

**Each item will have a number you will take thru the day.

The items in this recharge all have individual ingredients lists and nutritution statements. All are available seperately also.

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